Top Trends From Expo East 2016

Hello, we’re back from Expo East in Baltimore where we had access to 1,900+ exhibits in the organic and natural space. Retailers, manufacturers, health professionals and brokers gathered in Anaheim for Expo West in the spring and Baltimore for Expo East in the fall to review the latest trends in the natural and organic industry.

We are excited to bring you a recap of our take on the top trends and innovations coming out of the Expo East show and would like to hear your input as well.

Cold Brew Coffee On Draft
Is it a Guinness? An English stout?
No, silly, it’s cold brew coffee and it’s delicious. Cold brew coffee is first air-roasted in small batches and then brewed in cold water for a coffee that is lower in acid, thus less bitter than warm-brewed coffee. Whether it’s in a can like the La Colombe lattes we sampled or on draft like the Chameleon draft, the WC&Co. team enjoyed this latest coffee trend.

Fermenting—Yummy Bacteria!
Fermenting foods is one of the oldest artisanal food processes around. Now we know that the fermenting process has probiotic benefits that are great for your gut! WC&Co.’s favorite brands were Jacob’s Raw and Cleveland Kraut’s. Both brands have also been experimenting with different flavor combinations that will make you crave putting Kraut on everything you eat. Try the Curry Kraut or the Whiskey Dill Kraut by Cleveland Kraut. You can thank us later.


On-The-Go Nut Butters
Nut Butters, like Almond, Pecan and Cashew are the perfect protein snack and the packages are  beginning to accommodate a busy ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle. Check out Justin’s Banana Chips with a side of Maple Almond Butter or Pretzels to dip into Honey Peanut Butter next time you get hunger  pangs at 3 pm. Nut Butter has created new flavored nut butters such as Pecan Pie Almond Butter or Blueberry Cinnamon Bun Cashew Butter. Bye-bye ol’ Peanut Butter! There are new flavors in town.

Bone Broth – The New Superfood
Bone broth is the latest product that claims multiple benefits, such as healing your gut, protecting joints, looking younger, sleeping better and immune support. The bones contain gelatin and collagen and the broth is made from grass-fed, humanely raised animals. Our two favorites were Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein, which came in powder packets that you can enjoy in hot water. The other was Bonafide Bone Broth.
Just pour & heat!

Quirky Jerky
We are in the middle of a jerky renaissance. No longer is jerky only available at 7-Elevens and gas stations. Artisanal snack meat brands are being sold at health food stores across the nation. One of our favorite brands is Krave jerky. Krave has successfully married high quality ingredients and premium flavors. Lorissa’s Kitchen launched its Korean BBQ flavor and we are total fans. Lightlife is in on the game with a plant protein jerky.

And That’s Just A Nibble!

For a downloadable PDF version of this report, please click here to download and share!

For more information from Expo East, or to connect to hear our POV on how these insights could transform your brand, contact Wendy Church.

Wendy Church
Director, Creative Services


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